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So as a foodie living in Montreal, it is just obligatory to do this post. tfung and I visited Olive + Gourmando after landing at 8am in the morning from our 2 connecting flights originating from San Francisco. We were tired but I had many errands and calls to make in the morning, which is what I did while he napped. When he awoke, we headed out to this quite famous deli/sandwich shop. When we got there, it was probably towards the end of lunch service, as it was around 1:30pm.

Olive + Gourmando is located on the edge of Old Port. I had passed by a couple times whilst walking around Old port at night, but it was never open. Today we made this trip especially to see why everyone raved about this place!

We were seated in about 5 minutes, as no one was waiting to sit-in in front of us. There are actually a lot of people who take-out, so if there are too many people while you’re there, this is a good alternative.

The menu is all in French, but if you have a smartphone, not to worry! After a few minutes of studying the menu, tfung and I decided on two sandwiches and the soup of the day. He went to the cashier to order (don’t forget that no one will come serve you at your table!).

2013-07-23 14.04.27

The soup of the day was a cold spinach soup garnished with olive oil, mint and goat cheese. Being the eater I was, I picked out all the cheese for tfung, but enjoyed the flavour that the mint added. I have to say that I’m not used to drinking cold soups, and am still getting used to them. As a result, I didn’t love the soup, but did enjoy that it was quite fitting for the hot summers in Montreal.

2013-07-23 14.04.40

tfung ordered le cubain, which was a grilled pancetta, with roasted pork, raw milk guyere, with lime, cilantro, chipotle and pickle mayonaise. This sandwich was absolutely amazing. The flavours were so delicious, and the mayo was perfect with the roasted pork. The pancetta was actually quite greasy, which made eating it kind of messy. After the first sandwich though, you can already feel the fat settling, which was unfortunate, as it became much more difficult to finish the rest.

2013-07-23 14.04.30

I ordered the Antipasto, which came with roasted eggplant, walnuts, Scotstown capicollo, mozzarina, basil, and lemon mayo, servied on ciabatta. This was a cold sandwich, and the basil along with the mayo and mozzarina gave a super refreshing and interesting texture and flavour. I didn’t find the eggplants to be all that great, as it really didn’t have much taste. Having tried tfung’s le cubain, I have to say that I enjoyed that flavour better, but this sandwich is much easier on the stomach.

Overall, I thought this place was good. I didn’t think that it lived up to the hype that it has stirred on the internet and in the foodie world. But I did enjoy that they pride themselves in their soups and sandwiches. Their salad selection wasn’t very appealing to me, but they did have lots of pastries that I wanted to try while we were paying. However we were too full to even want to buy more food. Next time I would definitely try their pastries and baked goods, or perhaps even their breakfast menu and update you on my opinions at this legendary shop!

Service: quick, other than that not really applicable
Food: 7.8/10
Atmosphere: relaxed, community-feel, tight tables
Price: $12-20

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~ kehwon