Le Mousso

Le Mousso is a relatively new restaurant in the Village in Montréal. My awesome friend Eva made the reservations and had planned for us to go when I was visiting MTL, and she did not do us wrong! The restaurant is opened by Antoin Mousseau-Rivard, a man with the vision of exploration and experiencing new things. I definitely think Le Mousso is a must-go for all foodies.

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Amuse Bouche

The amuse bouche is always something fun for me. I really am able to detach myself from any financial or monetary connections with the dish I may have been expecting. I am able to fully open my mind and palate to any taste, flavour, texture, combinations of foods presented to me without pre-existing expectations or judgements. Due to this, I am then able to really judge the course purely.

The most visually intriguing was of course the maple syrup cotton candy, with the foie gras surprise inside. For me, the foie gras could have been a little smaller in size, to balance out the flavour and texture of the maple syrup. However, just the genius idea of putting them together in this form is enough of a wow factor for me.

The meringue with caviar on top was good, and interesting because of the colouring. However the flavour and ingenuity of it did not stand out beside the cotton candy. That being said, the presentation of it was still very good, where it is not blindingly obvious to pinpoint all the pieces that are edible at first glance.

The squid ink pasta on lit up charcoal was also very exciting, as they had lit up the charcoal that the pasta was resting on on fire. The squid ink pasta was fairly softer in texture and salty in taste, strangely reminding me of siu mai.

Scallops with Carrot Mousse

This was by far eva and my favourite dish. The carrot mousse was absolutely addictive, having the perfect airy yet still retaining smoothness and creaminess. The flavour was of a perfectly cooked carrot, slightly seasoned. It was interesting that the scallops, which were meant as the main of the dish, were left unforgotten as we wallowed in the velvet deliciousness that was the carrot mousse. That being said, the scallops were well done, seared on one side, just undercooked, which is the way we liked it. However, the reason that they were left in the back burner is because we’ve had scallops at so many different restaurants that it’s difficult to be wowed by such an easy-to-manage seafood. The savoury goodness was balanced out by the tartness of the gooseberry purée that garnished the dish.

Trout Gravlax in Beet Juice

The next dish was even more vibrant than the last. The waiter brought over the dish with the deep orange trout gravlax, with the four sauces; trout eggs, sour cream, onion and bacon purée, and beet purée. Then she poured from a black clay tea-pot, the deep purple beet juice to surround the trout.

Shredded Crab meat with sliced Strawberry and Rapini Powder

This dish was an added dish for an extra $10. Both me and Eva decided to try it, as we went on a Wednesday, and it was already $10 cheaper than all the other days that le Mousso was open (Thursday – Sunday is $65/person).

The dish was a little disappointing to be honest in terms of taste, but the presentation was amazing. There was a generous mound of shredded crab meat, very lightly seasoned with minimal creamy dressing, and covered with sliced green strawberries. It was then topped off with freeze-dried rapini powder. The rawness of the strawberry paired well with the rapini powder (which was quite light in flavour), but offered a stark contrast to the fishy flavour of the crab meat that I did not enjoy very much. However, the texture juxtaposition was perfect. The freshness and crunch of the strawberry, the dryness of the powder with the wetness and tenderness of the crab meat.

Roasted rooster with Oyster mushrooms

The next dish was one of the two mains. It was served with a white butter sauce and fried chicken skin. Although the rooster was not juicy, it was incredibly tender. And when the bite was completed with the white sauce, it was quite good. Eva did comment that she preferred juicy chicken, but I am accepting to having it a little on the drier side as long as it’s tender and not rough.

Seared Lamb with Goat cheese and Sheep milk yoghurt

The lamb was cut into small cylinders, and seared on the outside, with a raw inside. The texture was chewy, but more tender than typical medium rare steak. It was not juicy, which I have to say is somewhat a strange feeling, as I usually expect mea

It was unfortunate that both Eva and I just don’t enjoy lamb. We both dislike the gamey taste of lamb, my excuse is because my mother never liked it, which gave me such a negative connotation when I was young that I never enjoyed it either.

Shallot Ice Cream and Blood Pudding Sponge Cake

This dish was probably tied for second place with the charcoal-themed amuse bouche. It really was what I felt made the 7 course dinner. The pairing of all the textures, ingredients, and flavours, as well as the fact that it is a dessert dish, was genius in transitioning from a gamey meat main to the final courses of the meal.

The sponge cake was incredibly soft, airy, and bouncy. There was only a slight flavour of the blood pudding, and mostly carried a savoury taste that was dampened by the sweetness of the cake. This paired with the thick and coldness of the shallot ice cream, which definitely carried a lot of cooked shallot flavour, was so delicious. The apple cider vinaigrette on the top added an extra layer of sweetness, and the graham cracker bed provided the crunch and contrasting texture to the whole dish.

I cannot stop raving about this dish, and hopefully I hope you get the chance to experience this just as I did!

Honeycomb Yoghurt

The very last dish was extremely light and satisfied the sweet tooth after all the savouriness of the meal. Yoghurt made from cow’s milk, that was thoroughly aerated to create an incredibly fluffy and airy texture was paired with the sweetness and crunchiness of the sugar honeycombs. There were also squash chips to enhance the flavour profile, and the whole dish was lightly drizzled with honey to increase the sweetness and floral flavour.

Definitely a great end that wasn’t heavy to a wonderful meal, taking us through an incredible variety of flavours, textures, mouthfeels, and visual perception of food.

I highly, highly recommend going to le Mousso for a visit if you’re in Montreal. For the incredible experience of all the courses, $55-65/person is almost a steal. Please don’t forget to make a reservation when going, because they get extremely full!

Food: 9.2/10
Service: 4.5/5
Atmosphere: modern, new, concrete, monochrome
Price: $55-65/person, + drinks

Le Mousso Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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