Town – Centertown

2014-12-06 22.11.27

I got into Ottawa at around 8:30, and we were able to walk to the restaurant that we’d made reservations to within 20 minutes. It was a painfully cold evening, and we were more than ecstatic to get into the restaurant and be seated right away. Although the waiter was slow, we understood that he was also swamped with all the patrons in the cramped restaurant, making it incredibly difficult to efficiently move around.

We had requested that the dishes come all at once as we were pressed for time for a second part of the evening with friends. They were very accommodating, and notified us that as soon as the kitchen was finished with a dish they would send it out. 2014-12-06 22.37.04

We had the octopus terrine, which was garnished with kale chips, white beans, radish and a pesto dressing. It made for an extremely fitting appetizer, with a smorgasbord of textures and flavours. The octopus was a little overcooked from what I would have liked, but it provided a nice contrast to the crunchiness of he kale chips and the radish.

2014-12-06 22.44.56


We also ordered the meatballs in meal-size, which came with 4 shredded mozzarella-garnished pork meatballs that were the size of half my palm. It was definitely a good size to share between two people, as eating it alone would have been a little overwhelming due to the high fat and richness of the meatballs and sauce. The meatball itself had a good proportion of meat to fat, such that it wasn’t too rough and dense, but not so fatty that it felt disgusting in the mouth. The sauce was quite a pure tomato-based concoction, which is right up my alley, as I do not enjoy a very cheesy or creamy type of tomato sauce. Obviously various herbs and spices were added, but it wasn’t in an overwhelming proportion. Overall, I thought that the meatballs were quite good, although I wouldn’t come back just for the meatballs.

2014-12-06 22.35.53

Our last dish was the tagliatelle and duck ragu, which looks like a small portion, but with the amount of fat combined in the dish, it was filling enough if this was my main. The duck was a little on the gamey side, which is a little rare in my experience. The pasta was more on the firm side, which tfung enjoys but just a touch too firm for my taste. The sauce was decently flavoured, but didn’t quite fit my palate in terms of the richness. Personally this was my least favourite dish, but might be due to my very picky and particular taste with regards to gaminess.

Town is nothing new, nothing extraordinary in terms of food, decor, and service. I was not particularly impressed with anything, but makes for a decent meal on a night when you just don’t want to cook and want to treat yourself slightly to some fattier food.

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~ kehwon

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