Start of the young foodie revolution?

So I’ve been talking to my friends who love to try new food and experience new places recently. It appears that they’ve made very similar conclusions, and by similar I mean exactly the same, as tfung and I. We’ve reached the decision that it simply is just not enjoyable for us to go to very high-end, fine-dining restaurants anymore. Here are our reasons:

1. As mid 20’s adults, we’re still treated like utter crap and vermin when we walk into a high-end restaurant. Why do I have to subject myself to such poor attitude and service if we’re polite, considerate patrons? It’s not like we order any less than others. Occasionally we’ll open a bottle of wine. We generally order appetizers and mains for everyone. We generally tip 15-20% on top of the taxed amount, even after their not-up-to-standard service. So why?

2. I’ve had incredibly delicious food from restaurants that are at a much lower price point before. There are certain items on the menus that are of the same quality and cost, but the lower price point restaurants sometimes do it better than the high-end ones. 

3. It’s just too stuffy. If I want to enjoy food with my friends or my partner, I don’t need it to be so fancy that I feel like I can’t sit comfortably, or talk at anything louder than a whisper. Part of the enjoyment in dining out is the experience. coupled with #1, I just feel I’m much more at ease at a gastropub, if I’m to be honest. 

With all that being said, that’s not to say that all high-end restaurants are awful. There are definitely ones that are amazing with amazing service, absolutely fantastic food, and the decor and ambiance is magnificent. I’m just saying in general, for a lot of people my age, we find that it is much less appealing to spend our hard-earned money at a place that looks down on us, than spend it at a cool, hip gastropub.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think the restaurant service will ever be better for the younger diners? Are there certain things that you’ve noticed are do’s and don’t’s at high-end-restaurants?

~ kehwon

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