A disturbing and disappointing moment at Patati Patata

I’ve always regarded patati patata as my go-to authentic poutine place. I never minded that service was slow and you had to wait because I liked that their poutine was always of steady quality. However couple nights ago, I had the worst eating experience ever. Service was slow as always, and things were as they always were. However when we were leaving, we left a 10% tip for their slow service and overall minimal effort of serving. The one in charge of cooking, who took the money had the nerve to yell at us “that’s a pretty lame tip”. I’m still bothered today, and was very taken aback at the fact that they expect a heavy tip for fast food. I’ve never seen anyone tip McDonalds, and no one says anything about that. But me leaving a 10% tip was apparently untolerable by the people at Patati Patata.

Recently I’d read an article from Montreal Gazette about two anonymous waiters who were “tired of” certain behaviours of their patrons. Some of these annoyances included “leaving less than a 15% tip”, “asking for a booth”, “making puns”, “complimenting the food but leaving a bad tip”. I had hesitated to writing any type of response on this blog, since I had never had a truly horrible experience. Well I just had it at a place I regularly recommend my friends to. They can be sure that I will never recommend anyone to a place where the waiters yell at you. The service industry is a difficult sector, I agree. I’ve only ever had one experience that was truly outstanding, and it merited a 30% tip. Their service was that they gave me what I needed and wanted without me even asking. They could tell by my body language what I wanted, and promptly came over to tend to me. That’s service. When service falls short, at a nice, fine-dining place, along with the quality of food, typical tips would be 15-25%.

I have no problems with anyone asking for the reason of a lower amount of tip. I’m happy to let you know what I expect as a customer. And hopefully you will be able to please a wider range of patrons from my comments, and next time I come back you will receive a bigger tip. But to be spoken to like that by a fast-food place was absolutely unacceptable. I enjoy your food, but I do not have to be subjected to verbal abuse. I will be telling everyone to avoid your place now. Thanks for reaffirming my belief of you get what you deserve.

~ kehwon

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