Maison Christian Faure – Old Port

So another patisserie adventure with my good friend Tamishka. She had found this patisserie and linked me one day. We got extremely excited to come here and try. Mainly because the chef is fairly famous and this patisseries is actually a pastry shop in the lower level. Christian Faure earned the title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France Glacier after studying many years in Paris to become a pastry chef. He was awarded the Best Pastry Chef of the World Title after opening a shop in Old Port Montreal.

Needless to say, it was a must-try.

2013-11-26 16.13.56

I for one am huge on restaurant decor, ambiance and service. My philosophy is that I don’t need to have good food in a restaurant if I’m not getting all the other aspects that come with eating out. I could make a good meal at home (although not AS good), but it really is ultimately the atmosphere that makes the meal for me. I love the modern and slightly victorian touch of the decor. While the white makes the restaurant extremely feminine, the stone wall gives back the masculin balance. Just being in this environment makes me extremely happy and positive-feeling. All the small touches to the shop is amazing. The more detail-oriented a restaurant is, the higher expectation of the food I have.

2013-11-26 16.13.49
Super cute menu display

2013-11-26 16.27.42

We were extremely amused by the cute display of quinoa salad in these little plastic globes. We didn’t order this, but I love these little details they add to the presentation.

Unfortunately, we were informed that the hot food menu stops service at 3pm, so we weren’t able to get the savoury dishes we wanted. But we settled for some tarts instead.

2013-11-26 16.30.21

The walnut tart really caught my eye. I definitely thought that it was fitting for the cold chilling weather we’ve been getting. It was glazed and filled with a rich caramel sauce that would flow out when you cut into the tart. The caramel sauce combatted the bitterness that comes with walnuts perfectly. It was so simple yet so alluring. I didn’t find the caramel to be too sweet, and had a nice thick consistency without drying or choking you.

The Chocolate Cream tart was very rich and bitter. It was definitely made with dark chocolate, and had a thin layer of chocolate sauce on top, thick sturdy cream and ganache in the middle. The tarte itself was glazed with some lighter chocolate sauce to avoid an inconsistent look. The three little decor on the top were made of chocolate pieces and chocolate cream. I was a little taken aback at first at the taste of this. I had imagined it to be more on the sweet side, and much more mousse-like. However, the interior of this was thick and sturdy, without that drying feeling. The bitterness of it gave it depth and obviously the different textures and consistencies made it all the more interesting even though the whole tart was chocolate flavoured.

2013-11-26 16.30.17
Tarte aux Noix, Tarte chocolat crémeux fleur de sel

We also got two fig macarons to try. I thought they were done well, but nothing that I hadn’t experienced elsewhere. I thought it could be more true to being fig-flavoured, since the filling had a good amount of chocolate butter cream in it.

 2013-11-26 16.24.30

Obviously I want to try all of their pastries, but wasn’t able to in one go. I’m interested in that giant pink macaron, but am unsure whether I’d be able to handle it! Theres some cream pots at the back that look delicious as well 🙂

Overall I thought this patisserie gave me a good impression. I can’t comment much because I feel that I hadn’t explored much of the shop, and want to go back to get another taste to give a better view and verdict. I hope you’ll come here and have an afternoon tea with your best girlfriend, or drag your unwilling boyfriend here before 3pm so he can have some of the savoury dishes. The braised beef cheek served with creamy macaroni and morel mushrooms, and the Royal Lobster and Crab on Choux pastry are on my list to try on that menu!

~ kehwon

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