Lucille’s Food Truck

Goddamn, that was delicious.

On this beautiful day, I’m currently waiting for my flight to see tfung for the long weekend. As i headed home from my early class I saw Lucille’s food truck drive up University. I had a hunch that they’d be at McGill Campus today. So after going home and finishing up my packing, I headed out to search for Lucille’s.

2013-10-10 11.24.27

From Wang’s blog, I had wanted to try this for a long time, but hadn’t come across it. I only wanted one thing, and that was the lobster roll. I saw her blog post about it a short while after school started and that was the time I started missing tfung and my San Fran trip…

So, I have to say that this was pretty comparable to the Dungeoness crab roll we had at Woodhouse in San Fran.

2013-10-10 11.24.34


I was served in less than 10 seconds, which was great since I was starting to get very hungry. In the midst of the busy waves of students heading to their next class, I looked at this lobster roll with extreme desire….It looked SO GOOD!

The first bite, I could smell the fragrant buttered toast. It was absolutely mouth-watering. As I started getting to the lobster bits, I noticed that the filling was not overwhelmed by celery, onion or the mayo. Instead it was overflowing with big lobster chunks. It was so fresh and clean, along with the beautiful and fresh air, it was a feeling I seek and would want to feel every day.

The buttered toast added so much flavour to the roll it was actually kind of unbelievable. Although there was so much butter flavour, it wasn’t TOO oily. Not to say that there was no oil, but the feeling in the mouth was not greasy at all.

I highly recommend this if you see it on the streets. Just fly on over and ask for that lobster roll. It’s delicious!


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