Régine Café – Étienne-Desmarteau

My lovely friend with whom I went to with Voro told me about this place while I was here over the summer. She had suggested I go with tfung but we never had the chance to. She had recommended this place on the fact that we both love brunch.

But this past weekend, we and two of our other girlfriends decided to hit up Régine. She had told me there’s usually a wait, which I don’t really mind. But boy, when we got there it was pretty crazy. The line was around the corner, at least 20 people in line. We waited about 45 minutes before we were seated.

Luckily, after the long wait, we were seated at the cutest looking chairs in the restaurant. The decor is pretty and chic, with dark walls and pops of colour in furniture.

2013-09-15 12.53.57

Before we ordered anything, the waiter with the insane beard came over and brought us these “health shots”. Today’s shots were beet juice with cinnamon. Obviously when I heard cinnamon, I made a face. But the fact that it was beet juice made me try it anyway.

2013-09-15 11.47.31
Beet juice with Cinnamon Shot
2013-09-15 11.47.36

The shot was good, and I think if I liked cinnamon, I would have thought it was the best thing I’d ever tasted. But even with the fact that I hate the taste of cinnamon, I thought the shot was very tasty.

Their menu was on the paper placemat, which I thought was soiled at first look. But obviously it was just the design. The four of us became incredibly indecisive. I had wanted to try everything, but decided to go with the Champi, as I wanted eggs (even though everything looked so damn good). The other girls got the Waffles. All of them.

2013-09-15 12.10.58
Gaufre – Waffle with Smoked salmon, cream cheese, tomatoes and salad greens

They gave me a piece to try. I thought the waffle was done to a nice consistency, not too crunchy and not too mushy. Together with the salad, the perfectly cooked cherry tomatoes and the smoked salmon, there was this fresh feeling, without going full out raw vegetables. There was cream cheese between the smoked salmon and the waffle which is what I think toned down the freshness of the dish. The smoked salmon was pretty ordinary, prepackaged ones. For some reason I thought the tomatoes were the star of the dish. They had the nicest consistency I’ve ever had, as they were cooked to this seemingly unattainable level. I always either overcook or undercook tomatoes, but they seemed to have found the perfect optimal texture. Overall I thought it was nicely done, with a good, colourful presentation.

2013-09-15 12.11.02
Champi – Salad greens, reduced mushrooms, two poached eggs on rustic bread sided with fruits, mashed potatoes and red pepper compote

My champi was a toasted piece of rustic bread serving as the base to incredibly reduced mushroom, salad greens in a very light vinaigrette and two poached eggs. It also came with home made mashed potatoes and red pepper compote. The mashed potatoes were done nicely, still having chunks of potato in it. It wasn’t seasoned excessively, just to the point where it had enough saltiness to satisfy the palette. The red pepper compote was sweet, with an added spiciness to it. The mushrooms were amazing (as they almost always are), the eggs were done just right so that when I cut through it, the golden yolk poured out slowly. Usually the star of a dish like this are the eggs, but oddly enough it was the mushrooms. They were so incredibly rich-flavoured with just enough of the reduced sauce to keep you wanting more. The colouring of the whole dish was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed the dish, and as an added bonus, they served grapefruit with it! (along with other fruits)

The service was good and easy, the food came in good time and were well-proportioned. Everything seemed to work together to a T, with no awkward pauses or rushing. It was the perfect environment to a Sunday Brunch. Montreal really is the place of brunches, and I look forward to trying even more brunch places!

Service: 4/5
Food: 8.2/10
Atmosphere: easy, brunch
Price: $15-25

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~ kehwon

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