Article – Five Aspects Meal Model

Article – Five Aspects Meal Model

Since I’m studying Dietetics, there are many aspects to food that we have to learn. We usually think about the clinical aspect, but we are currently taking a course called Foodservice Management, in which it teaches us how to manage a foodservice setting (restaurant or perhaps hospital are the more common ones).

Interestingly, as a start-up to the class, we were presented with this article. It shows the five aspects of the meal: The room, the meeting, the produce, management control and of course the atmosphere. 

I agree with everything that they say or point out in the article. I especially agree with how big of an impact the waiters can have on the enjoyment of the meal. Of course the atmosphere plays a big role as well. If you are a foodie and truly enjoy going out to eat, please take a quick read! It’s interesting to think about these things when we go out and enjoy (or not) our meals. Perhaps you’ll think more carefully when tipping the waiter/waitress who was serving you after this article, and make sure they truly deserve the tips they are receiving from you!

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