Pizzeria Romeo – Mont Royal

Of the many times I’ve walked along Mont Royal at night, I always seemed to notice this restaurant. From the outside it was always loud and busy with lots of people even at 11pm. The decor that I could see from outside is black-themed, with sturdy wooden tables and chairs.

So I decided to bring my parents here after they drove me in for the start of my internship this summer.

2013-06-30 20.17.44

It had been a hot day so I decided to get myself a white sangria. They topped it off with a lychee. I do believe the lychee was canned and the wine was okay. It was still a really refreshing drink on this hot day. After a long day of moving, it was really relaxing to enjoy my ice cold drink whilst feeling the light breeze from the bustling streets outside. Ever since I had a really good experience on the patio two years ago, I’ve grown to love these European style open restaurant concept. They provide proper shading for my sensitive skin, but also allows me to enjoy being outside.

2013-06-30 20.49.48

Romeo is a pizzeria, and so we decided to order two pizzas to share amongst the three of us. We ordered the Mushroom Truffle Pizza as well as the Italian Sausage Pizza. The mushroom pizza was absolutely delicious, while the sausage was quite dry and I didn’t enjoy it at all. The two pizzas were $15 and $14.50 respectively, which is a decent price for its size. We weren’t too hungry to begin with and so we were full with the two pizzas.

2013-06-30 20.49.52

The service was very slow and they actually forgot to make our second pizza for the longest time. The waitress had come by and told us that they did forget to start cooking it, and apologized for the mistake. There were only two waiter/waitress on the floor serving about 40 people, so perhaps they could staff another person on the floor. They did have a fully stocked bar which can be a treat for those who just want to enjoy a nice drink.

Overall I did enjoy my experience, since I don’t usually eat with my parents at restaurants other than Asian ones. Although this isn’t a must-eat, it definitely is a good choice for one of those nights where no one can decide where to eat, and is also quite affordable.

Service: 3/5
Food: 8.0/10
Atmosphere: bar, open, industrial
Price: $15-25

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~ kehwon

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