Voro – Outremont

I had noticed this super hipster looking restaurant when I went to Fabergé for brunch one day. I described it to my foodie friend without a name and she excitedly told me she thinks it’s Voro, which is a restaurant that she had been wanting to try. The restaurant was opened by an artistic individual (who is also a friend of a friend of my foodie friend..), with a vision that this restaurant will not only provide good food, but will serve as a “hangout” place that locals love to come back to.

It has an industrial feel, with a super long table at one end of the restaurant which is perfect for large parties. The reason I was intrigued by this restaurant that morning on the way to brunch was actually because I saw people studying at this table, even though it looked like a restaurant. We were seated at a round marble table which reminded us of very european cafes.

We had exactly the same idea to order many appetizers and just share them, as the main dishes didn’t appeal to us at all. Their appetizer selection was more than 3 times the size of their main, so it made sense to us.

2013-07-20 19.38.33

We started off with the classic prosciutto and melon combo. But this dish, they featured my favourite reduced balsamic vinagrette, feta cheese and mint! The combo was absolutely perfect and was among one of the best prosciutto-melon apps I’ve had. The dish was priced at a fair $8.

2013-07-20 19.38.54 2013-07-20 19.43.23

Next, we ordered the Potato Tart with Chorizo and fried egg. The fried egg came garnished with some cayenne pepper. The presentation of it made us super excited, as it was difficult to see what the potato tart looked like. Being the foodies we were, we cut the fried egg open to take a better picture, and the potato tart looked pretty ordinary at this point. We dug in, and it was pretty mind-blowingly delicious. It was a layered potato and tart combo, with the chorizo on the side. I really loved this, and the seemingly ordinary fried egg just adds incredible texture to the whole dish. This dish was $12.

2013-07-20 20.07.36

Next we had the Smoked Bacon confit figs on a bed of sweet potato, watercress, fennel and Parmesan salad. The bacon was so flavorful and chewy, with more of a ham texture. IT was glazed slightly with honey. I’m a huge fan of sweet potato, so this was an obvious choice for me. The price of the dish was priced at $12, which was a little more expensive than I would have expected. The overall dish was great to pick at while we gossiped and chatted about our program and favourite HK actors. (Chi lam <3)

2013-07-20 20.07.56

Finally, we ordered the mussels which was the Main of the Day. It was pretty good and had a very good balance of the licorice flavour with the cream and wine. The balance of the cream and wine was one of the best that I’ve had in a long time. Most restaurants use more wine than I would like. The mussels weren’t super fresh, as they shrunk a little already, but the flavour of the dish was amazing.

2013-07-20 21.34.42

For dessert, we had the Raspberry Trifle. It was pretty good but nothing worth noting like the rest of the dishes we had that day.

The service was quite good, the waiter was very attentive and not one of those absent-minded ones who ask you the same question more than once. He was a little playful and had good suggestions when we ordered our appetizers to have them come two at a time so we’re not overwhelmed.

I absolutely loved this place, the food, the atmosphere and the service. I highly recommend anyone who likes simple but genius dishes that don’t use extravagant ingredients to try Voro.

Service: 4.5/5
Food: 8.8/10
Atmosphere: easy, fun, friendly, industrial
Price: $15-30

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~ kehwon

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